Self Mastery University

Heal deep emotional wounds, traumas, insecure attachments and have better relationships

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We work together as a group as I guide us through the healing journey transitioning out of the "loop of doom" in relationships and all areas of life that feel stuck.

You will learn the SIBS System of healing and how to implement this into your every day life.

You will learn to heal trauma, release suppressed emotions and develop healthier behavior patterns/beliefs. Most importantly, you will grow more self love and self worth. This deep healing and growth journey is ultimately a journey of self mastery.

Who this coaching is for..

  • You've tried conventional therapy. You feel like you're just venting, talking and not getting to the root issues or healing.
  • You keep getting told by therapists, friends, etc. that you have to "heal" but don't know how and no one seems to really know.
  • You're willing to invest in yourself. You know that this is a journey and not a checkbox to tick off the list.
  • Most importantly, you are exhausted from the same toxic repeating cycles in relationships and are willing to look at yourself

Awakening With Brian

Group Coaching Will Help You:

Identify trauma patterns

We will learn to identify trauma patterns that have been running your life especially the blind spots we are not even aware of. We cannot heal what we are not aware of.

Heal trauma & emotional wounds

There is no running away from our emotional wounds. With guidance, we will learn to self regulate, reparent ourselves, reprocess and heal emotional trauma.

Increase more self love and self worth

Our fearful mind tries so hard to protect us, but it keeps us in the loop of fear and separation from love. With weekly practices, we will connect to the heart more and more.

Heal relationships or attract healthier ones

Through practice and guidance, we will build new beliefs and behavior patterns that will repair relationships or set you up to attracting healthier people and call in more love.

“I've spent years in therapy. This was the missing piece, to go deep to the root of my issues and have the tools and techniques to actually heal. I'm already seeing it make a huge impact in my relationships and overall mood.”

— Rachel, Coaching Client

What's included in my membership?

Access to a private community

Brian directly answers questions and offers support on a dedicated discussion board. This private community is a great place to connect, ask questions, get support and learn from one another.

6x live video group sessions every month

Join online video group sessions led directly by Brian himself! These group sessions are conducted 3 times every month. Members interact directly with Brian, sharing thoughts and asking questions. Every session is interactive with lessons and exercises.

  • Group coaching calls every week, typically every Sunday alternating between 11AM and 7pm CST
  • 2 Live Breathwork classes for powerful trauma release every month

Proven techniques and guidance to heal

The perfect integration of somatic work, inner child work, breathwork and more. Most therapy and traditional western philosophies fail to provide real lasting healing for people. One can only take you as deep as they have gone within themselves. My process and guidance comes from my own journey of healing trauma, toxic relationship patterns and more.

Free access to recordings and previous classes

Nothing gets missed since everything is recorded. But you also get free access to future recorded programs guiding you through the healing process.

More Success Stories!

“I've tried many other therapists and coaches, I was not expecting how fast I was going to progress with you. I feel so lucky to have finally found something that works, taking me deeper than ever before!”

— Olga, Coaching Client

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  • Live coaching calls every week!
  • Recorded lessons and breathwork classes
  • Private chat community to ask questions and interact with me personally
  • Proven techniques and methods to heal deep traumas
  • The monthly coaching is designed for you to smoothly drop in even right now!

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  • Includes full Self Mastery University group coaching program, all group calls with Brian, breathwork classes, masterclass courses, training and private community.
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  • Includes full Self Mastery University group coaching program, all group calls with Brian, breathwork classes, masterclass courses, training and private community.





I'm uncomfortable sharing, do I have to? No! Of course there is massive benefit in sharing and being vulnerable, but very powerful to listen in silently. You can also type questions in the call chat too.

I'm worried about privacy: Good news, you can sign up anonymously, use a alias "Darth Vador" if you'd like. Still use your best email for updates and notifications go to this email. Emails are completely private and not seen by the public.

What if I miss a call? The calls are recorded! You will have access to all past recordings and future ones. You can also drop your questions in the discussion board and have them answered by me!